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Welcome to My Page!Jonnos Homepage is going to try to be more than just a load of family pix and stuff.I'll be needing help from a variety of sources.So if you can help with creative input feel free.

How does this GRAB you!!

I intend to be as creative as possible with design on this site.Hope you like it so far.

My Favorite Things To Do
I like a very wide variety of different things.You dont get to my great age(45) without learning a thing or 3.
I try to learn one new thing every day,and I am always on the lookout for anything that falls into the catagory of 'The Strange/Bizarre.If you have any interesting stories that fit that profile ..let me know.Thankyou.

Some of My Favorite People
That's easy,My lovely wife Sally(she is such a babe to me)my two teenage children.Carly 16 and Joe 17 there will be pictures of all of the usual suspects at a later date.

I will fill this section out in more detail when time and skill allow!
So far all the ready made Web site builders have either been tiny or unnecessarily complicated.

Please visit all the pages on my site

This site is designed to be a E.Zine