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Judy Garland-Legend and Victim


Casualty of Fame...

Some film photos of my favourite Hollywood STAR

Judy looks so wistful-how could you not fall in love with her.
Judy struggled with weight problems throughout her Hollywood career..and it was mainly this that started her down a slippery Amphetamine slide.

This photo came from a
Hollywood 'fanzine' of 1940s.

Judy Garland

At the peak of her career..
Judy Garland was born Judy Gumm the youngest of 3 children.
Together with her sisters she was part of a singing trio

Going by the 'catchy?' name 'The Gumm sisters'.Already Judy was displaying the 'Star'quality that was to make her a Superstar.

Like a little 'Bo Peep' Judy always photographed so well.
Judy Garland never considered herself to be beautiful.

In fact she constantly felt threatened by her contempories in Hollywood.

By age 18 Judy was already using 'diet-pills'and no stranger to her'hipflask'.

This is one of my favorite images
CUTE..CUTE..I really love this woman.

Judy Garland was almost certainly responsible for saving a failing MGM

The Wizard of Oz was a last throw of the dice forMGM

Massively over budget if it had failed at the Box Office..
MGM would have been BANKRUPT..

The source of this photo is unclear.

It probably comes from a 'Film Stars' magazine..there were literally 100s at this time.
I will finish on a happy note .Although Judy had a troubled life.She really shone like a beacon in the darkness.

Her films are playing everyday worldwide .a true SUPERSTAR

GONE but NEVER forgotten!..

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I would be very happy to hear from you.